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A Multiscale Delayed Channel Attention Network-Based Method for Pansharpening

Nowadays, remote sensing images are widely used in many fields. To obtain high-quality remote sensing images, remote sensing image fusion methods have attracted much attention. Although convolutional neural network-based pansharpening methods have good results, these methods focus on the forward propagation of the network, which cannot effectively seek the mapping relationship between images. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain global information due to the limitations of convolutional operations. In this paper, we propose a pansharpening method based on multiscale delayed channel attention networks. The method iteratively seeks to correlate high-resolution stage features with the original low-resolution multispectral image, providing a mechanism for error feedback to map the error of each stage. Meanwhile, it designs a multiscale feature fusion module to fuse feature information from different fields of view. The design of the delayed channel attention mechanism makes the network acquire the association relationship between low-frequency information and high-frequency information through adaptive learning, giving different weights to high-frequency information, and making it more flexible in dealing with different types of information. Finally, the feature aggregation module is used to generate fused images and adjust the corresponding feature information. The experimental results obtained from the Gaofen-2 and WorldView-2 experimental data show that the method achieves a significant improvement compared to the current fusion algorithms.

Pansharpening, Multiscale, Positive Feedback, Attention Mechanism

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Lei, D., Xiao, L., Li, Y., Huang, H., Chen, X., et al. (2024). A Multiscale Delayed Channel Attention Network-Based Method for Pansharpening. American Journal of Remote Sensing, 12(1), 1-13.

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Lei, D.; Xiao, L.; Li, Y.; Huang, H.; Chen, X., et al. A Multiscale Delayed Channel Attention Network-Based Method for Pansharpening. Am. J. Remote Sens. 2024, 12(1), 1-13. doi: 10.11648/j.ajrs.20241201.11

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Lei D, Xiao L, Li Y, Huang H, Chen X, et al. A Multiscale Delayed Channel Attention Network-Based Method for Pansharpening. Am J Remote Sens. 2024;12(1):1-13. doi: 10.11648/j.ajrs.20241201.11

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